The nonprofit arts and culture sector has a tremendous impact on Columbus. Did you know, that annually, the sector:

  • Generates $412 million in economic activity
  • Supports 15,000 jobs
  • Produces $373 million in local household income every year
  • Attracts attendance of more than 6 million every year, and 2 million of which are visitors from outside Franklin County
  • Through GCAC grants, arts organizations provide 750,000 educational opportunities a year for children and invest nearly $3 million annually in programs for local underserved communities
  • Provides FREE arts and culture events, like festivals and concerts, enjoyed by more than 1 million people annually

Click here to see the in-depth impact of arts in Columbus and how the ticket fee will protect that impact.

Let’s make even more of an impact by supporting the proposed ticket fee. For just a small investment by individuals like you, the entire community benefits!

Would you invest 70 cents to protect the arts in Columbus? How about $1.75?  That’s what GCAC’s proposed ticket fee would cost you if you purchased a $10 ticket or $25 ticket, respectively. Here’s what you’d pay depending on the ticket purchase price. A good investment for Columbus!