The Proposal

With years of research, financial analysis and community meetings, Greater Columbus Arts Council (GCAC) proposed a 7%  ‘ticket fee’ be applied to tickets and admissions to arts, culture, and entertainment (both not-for-profit and for-profit) and to professional sports in the city of Columbus.

However, on November 27, Columbus City Council proposed changes to GCAC’s plan, recommending a 5% fee instead of 7% fee. Click here to read City Council’s news release.

The funds generated by a 5% ticket fee will enable GCAC to increase Columbus’ investment in cultural facilities’ capital needs, operating support for small and large organizations, festivals, arts and cultural events and programs, and grants for artists.

The funds generated by this ticket fee will enable GCAC to:

  • Protect and sustain Columbus’ arts and cultural sector and its economic impact.
  • Address needed capital investment in publicly owned facilities;
  • Provide funding for vital neighborhood projects;
  • Increase education and outreach opportunities for children; and
  • Expand free access for low-income people and families.

Click here to read the Press Release